Nova – Fuel Management

The Nova Team is a web-based fuel management system designed for users with small fleets.

Operationally, Nova is very similar to Eclipse, but is limited to a single pump and has a numeric keypad only.

Access options are Tad, Midas, FuelGuard or Petropoint.


Key Features

  • Rugged Numeric Keypad
  • Backlit 4-line 5mm LCD screen
  • Direct and real-time web communication
  • Highly reliable RFID tag reader
  • GPRS Antenna
  • A 30A Mains Control Relay Pump
  • Switch Override for highly safe pump
  • Interface for the Tank Gauge level sensor
  • When connected to the “Tank Gauge” system, Nova can detect and report levels of fuel inventory, automatically detecting entries or showing possible thefts.