Eclipse – Fuel Management

A fuel control island is the interface between the driver and the fuel management system.

Once a valid user has been identified and entered any required information, the system manages the dispatch by monitoring and monitoring the pumps.

The Eclipse team integrates secure, real-time communications with the central server. This gives the user access to dispatch data as they occur, with inventory levels and transactions updated in real time without user intervention.


Key Features

  • Up to four pumps per terminal
  • 4-Line Backlit LCD Display
  • Choice of RFID Tag, Dallas Key, Barcode, FuelGuard or Access Card with ID
  • Highly reliable alphanumeric keyboard
  • Long life stainless steel case
  • Internal Overwrite Switches
  • Highly secure 3G data communications
  • Internal backup data storage.
  • Administrative options for functions accessed with a secret PIN
  • When connected to a Tank Gauge system, Eclipse can detect and report highs and lows in inventory, automatically detecting inputs, or showing possible fuel theft.