Centralization of Operations

Centralization of Operations

  • Installation of the software in the control center for the monitoring of your vehicles.
  • Protection of the information when having the database with the information of routes, sites of interest, data of the vehicles inside the premises of the company.
  • Possibility of creating specific routes for transfer of VIP executives with detailed monitoring. The system controls that the vehicles do not leave the route to which they were assigned and sends alerts each time they leave the route.
  • System with more than 30 administrative reports (excess speed, daily activity of vehicles, maintenance, entrance and exit of sites of interest, stops of vehicles, history of the vehicle, among others).
  • Real-time information that’s always current.
  • Access to information from any device with internet.
Greater Security

Greater Security

  • Panic buttons with sent alert to cell phone and determined email.
  • Warning of disconnection of battery in case of loss of power to the vehicle.
  • Immobilization of the ignition of the vehicle in case of theft or emergency.
  • Possibility of recovering your vehicle in case of theft.
  • Driver safety by having a panic button installed in your car.
  • Tranquility to know where your loved ones are (wife, children, parents, etc.)
  • Reduce the risk of kidnappings by locating vehicles at all times.
  • Generation of automatic alarms via SMS.
  • Online alerts in case of diesel leaks both in the tank and the dispatches.
Increased Fleet Control

Increased Control of En-route Units

  • Monitoring of escorts to make sure they make the rounds to the assigned points.
  • Possibility to see in real time the position of your vehicles when required through a web access and also from the cell phone.
Optimization of Resources

Optimization of Resources

  • Saving in times.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Fuel saving.