About Us

We are a company with state-of-the-art systems focused on providing comprehensive logistics solutions to find savings, security, greater control and improve operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

SISAT is part of the BIS (Business Information Systems) group which has operations in the United States, England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

SISAT also has the experience and support of consultants specialized in Security, Logistics, Dynamic Simulation Models, Commercial, CRM and Service Centers. Also strategic alliances with different companies to offer a comprehensive service to all our customers.


To be a leading company in the development of systems for administration, logistics and security, using strategic information systems to improve the competitive position of companies, giving the customer the value that their needs require, constantly innovating and developing the best systems and means of information and technology for your company.


To be a company recognized nationally and internationally, for the quality of our services, and solutions committing ourselves to use our maximum capacities to incubate innovative solutions and services, which add value to our Clients.


Constant search for quality improvement Human Quality Professionalism Passion for service Respect for the Customer.

Operating Model

 Our Business Model is based on four basic stages that encompass all the activities necessary to achieve success in our technological solutions

  • Diagnosis

  • Proposed Solution

  • Implementation

  • Review and Control

  • Review of the entire logistics process, from the order taking to the delivery of the good or service.
  • Creation of the prototype
  • Field tests
  • Result of prototype diagnosis and field tests
  • Analysis of opportunities
  • Proposal of solution
  • Implementation plan
  • Installation of equipment and systems
  • Initial information capture
  • Training
  • Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Capitalization of opportunities
  • Control of the operation
  • ROI



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